Quick Muscle Building Tips

Muscle building is a science but it doesn’t have to feel like it. With a few simple tips, you can be well on your way to packing on lean muscle mass. Here are a few simple muscle building tips you can start using today.

Use Various Set Systems

When you do a few reps of an exercise and take a rest before doing more reps, you are performing regular sets. Shake things up, keep your muscles guessing and keep growing by using various set systems. One week you can train with regular sets and the following week your entire workout routine can revolve around compound set super-sets. The week after that you can use tri-sets, followed by giant sets the following week.

Keep switching between set systems for a period of 12 weeks. It’s important to train 3-5 days per week when you are following this piece of advice.

Eat Meat

Load up on white meat, such as chicken and pork. Eat plenty of fish too. Meat is packed with lean protein, which is important for muscle building. If you want to prevent yourself getting bored, then prepare and eat your meat different ways. For example, have your pork alongside some veggies and chop up chicken and put it in a salad.

Consume Good Fats

When you want to gain muscle, then you need a good balance of protein, carbs and good fats. A lot of people have no problem consuming complex carbs and protein, but they have a habit of lumping up bad and good fat into the same category. You want to make sure you eat good fats because there is a link between good fat and testosterone levels.

Peanuts, natural peanut butter and omega-3 fats from fish are prime examples of foods with healthy fats.

Use Supplements

A natural testosterone booster, protein powder and a pre-workout are three supplements that can help you build muscle quickly and efficiently. Protein repairs muscle, while a pre-workout supplements gets you energized for the gym and a natural testosterone booster raises testosterone levels, which leads to muscle and strength gains. Not only that, but many testosterone boosters helps you burn fat more effectively.


Your muscles repair themselves when you rest. Make sure you get plenty of sleep. Get on a schedule that allows you to go to bed and wake up naturally and not feeling tired. If you are always on the go and you can’t get on a regular sleep schedule, then sleep whenever you can for at least five hours straight and do it regularly.

Building muscle requires hard work, dedication and consistency. If you do the above things and you train hard, the results will start to show soon enough. n